Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holiday Cookware! ;)

One of the best places to go to for the best cookware and easy recipes, is my all time favorite Williams & Sonoma. Every time I go into that store, it is almost as if it is Christmas once again. I always wish that one day I miraculously had mass amounts of money handed to me just to spend in that store. I am very interested in cooking and the atmosphere that tags along with it. Not only do they sell the most amazing, beautiful cookware, but they also sell original butters, jams, jellies, and any other dip, topping, or ingredient that could give a whole meal have its own extra pizzaz. I went there recently, and noticed that they were selling many Holiday themed specials such as cookie cutters, easy pumpkin bread making mixes, and special plates and cuttlery designed for the holidays.
Another notable holiday event going on is at Albertson's. They are advertising this seasonal special that for every $10 spent, you receive a sticker. After collecting a certain number of stickers, you may turn these in for one expensive cook pan or pot for the price of 1 cent. For example, one pan may cost 70 stickers. This offer continues until the first week of January (the 11th) so start saving up! I mentioned this because it is something that my dad and older brother are determined to take advantage of... and are succeeding tremendously! They have already achieved enough stickers for two pans and are working on the third. (Out of about 7 or 8 to choose from). This is such a great offer and is highly recommended, especially with all of the holiday shopping ahead of you. This is such a rewarding offer to take care of because finally, after spending hundreds of dollars on groceries for the holidays, you will actually be getting a reward back after all that hard work! And it is something that you will probably use anyways. I thought this was an especially good idea to market because when people are tight on money, the last thing that they want to be spending their extra cash on is new cook ware. However, this is a problem because cooking with damaged or old cookware can pose as a health risk to a certain degree. I recommend that you check this out and start collecting for the next two months!

On another note, I cannot stop thinking about Thanksgiving next week. I hope that everyone has an enjoyable turkey day, no matter what you end up doing. I know that a lot of people are not big on cooking,  but there are so many options out there that can provide the easiest, most cook-free thanksgiving ever. There are places that will cook your turkey/ham, and there are easy bread making mixes, that only require adding milk and eggs. Don't let this year's Thanksgiving go uncelebrated! :)

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