Monday, October 11, 2010

My Personal Favorites

Throughout my life I have become extremely fond of certain restaurants that I cannot help but constantly return to. So, I have created a list of some of my favorite restaurants:

1. Lucille's BBQ-- the food is absolutely to die for. They are most famous for their Ribs and other barbecued meals. Another must-have on the menu is their grilled artichoke. It is not a true Lucille's experience if you don't order the artichoke! It is grilled and marinated with their famous barbecue sauce and another spicy mixture to create the perfect artichoke. Also, their before-dinner bread rolls are pretty tasty!
2. Outback Steakhouse-- Outback is similar to Lucille's, but with a touch of a Australian, down-under atmosphere. The food is extremely flavorful, ranging from the famous Blooming Onion, to delicious steaks and marinated chicken. By far, Outback Steakhouse has the BEST dinner rolls of all time. I can always expect a delicious, hearty meal when I visit Outback.
3. Mangia Mangia-- Located in Huntington Beach, Mangia Mangia is my favorite Italian restaurant. The atmosphere is very friendly and the food is authentic and unique. Mangia Mangia (meaning eat, eat! in Italian) is a place that my family always finds pleasuring in coming back to. My favorite dish from there is an original plate of angel hair pasta!

There are so many other restaurants out there that I have made notable, but these three are restaurants that never fail me for an amazing meal on any given occasion. 

(I'd truly have to say, that one of my favorite places to dine is my own house on Christmas Eve. My relatives always come together on Christmas Eve and cook one big meal to enjoy together. Nothing can replace the spirit of a blessed, loving family sharing an amazing home-cooked meal!)

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