Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Never Thought I'd Say This, But...

So, after eating in the dining hall constantly for the past couple of weeks, there comes a point where I truly start to miss the little snacks that I had the convenience of eating when I lived at home. There are only so many types of  foods I can bring into my dorm before the ants start to march in. The only food that is truly safe is those foods that I can leave in my mini refrigerator, or canned food (soup, for instance). Other than that, any pantry food is fair game for the ants. As I walked through Ralph's the other day to buy cookie dough, I strolled down the aisle of canned food on the way to the refrigerated section in the back of the store (This is very dangerous, especially when you're hungry, because you'll end up putting half of the store in your basket before you even get what you originally came for). As my eyes wandered amongst the shelves, they quickly halted at a can of SpaghettiO's with franks. My first instinct told me to buy them, not even caring if I had the appropriate tools to prepare them when I returned to my dorm. So this morning, a week after purchasing them, the can sits in the center of my desk (still un-opened) as I stare hungrily in my chair without a can-opener. 

Today, I acted upon my suffering and drove home (which is about 20 minutes away). My mother was fond of my dilemma via facebook, so she told me to take our canopener from home; gratefully, I did! As my mom and I were getting into the car to drive away for lunch, my brother frantically runs out of the house and hallows, "Where is the can-opener?!" I made a face as though I had been caught red handed. He then shouts, "I knew it!! I knew it was you!!" (he had seen my facebook posts as well, which ranted on about how desperate I was for a can-opener). They let me take the much-needed can-opener back to my dorm, and when I walked into my room, I quickly opened and heated up the can of SpaghettiO's, and enjoyed them once and for all. I don't think I have ever been so reluctant and grateful to have a bowl of SpaghettiO's before... and it was the best bowl of SpaghettiO's I have ever eaten in my life.

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