Thursday, October 28, 2010


There is always that one time of year that most people look forward to: GIRL SCOUT COOKIE SEASON! This is the season that could match an other holiday season's amount of weight gain. Me being enrolled in Girl Scouts as a child was my mother's excuse  to support the Girl Scout Nation by buying about a million boxes of girl scout cookies. The amazing thing about these delicate morsels is that they will satisfy nearly anyone's taste buds. The flavors of these cookies can range from a sugary perfectness, to a peanut-buttery heaven, or even to a chocolate fantasy. When I was young, I was always shy, but for some reason I could always step up to that doorstep and sell those cookies like it was my job; it was my duty to deliver what these hungry customers anticipated all year for. 
My personal favorite is, and will always be, Thin Mints. They are the perfect combination of flavors mixed into one dessert that makes it impossible to stay away from every year. Throughout all of the 3 years that I was a Brownie (1) and Girl Scout (2), beginning in 3rd grade, the flavors had never changed. The only thing that changed in those glorious cookies was the PRICE. When I first began Girl Scouts, the cost was two dollars a box; how cheap!! At the time, of course, that sounded rediculously expensive. However, as my duty dragged on, it became tougher and tougher to sell those cookies for three dollars a box. Get this though-- the year after I threw in the towel, the price bumped up to FOUR DOLLARS A BOX! I could not believe my eyes... what once was an innocent fund raiser helping millions of little girls across the entire nation has become something that has corrupted these young girls to meet up to the failing economy's standards just to sell a box of cookies. And if you thought the price was rediculous, let's discuss the competition. Each year there was always a rush to sell the cookies at a local grocery store before another troop got there. If too many Girl Scout troops were concentrated in one area of the city, then it was tough to get people to buy the cookies. Another thing that made it tough to sell cookies for me was the fact that I lived in the same neighborhood as most of the girls in my troop! It was always a tough contest to get to the neighbors before the other girls did. If I took too long to get out on the streets selling them, then I would have missed my chance to sell anything. My biggest hope of selling the cookies would end up being my family. However, every year the cookies got sold in one way or another, and families would no doubt be stocked up for the holiday season with their fix of cookies. In the end, everyone wins.


  1. And by the way, check out this link!

    If you go to the site and type in your zip code, it shows a count down until Girl Scout cookies come to your area! :) Convenient!

  2. I think it is absolutely criminal that these aren't available all year round. CRI.MI.NAL.